Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need For My Belongings?

Determining the size you may need for your belongings is often best accomplished when visiting us here at the facility - we can help you determine the size of unit best suited for your needs.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Storage Unit? 

We pride ourselves on having some of the least expensive self storage in the Anchorage area. Tope Storage offers a couple sizes to choose from - our Classic 8x10 unit rents for $109 monthly and for those needing just a little 'Extra Space' we offer the Ultra Classic 8x20 for just $200 per month. Be sure to inquire about our outside parking spaces for rent, as well as our limited heated indoor units.

What Are The Different Types of Storage Units Available (e.g., climate-controlled, drive-up access)? 

All of the units at Tope Storage are non-climate controlled - simply meaning, they are not heated. Please plan accordingly when storing your belongings.

What Security Measures Are in Place at the Storage Facility? 

Security is important to you and certainly for us - our facility is monitored by 16 onsite cameras - always on & always recording for your safety and your security.

Can I Access My storage Unit 24/7, or are There Specific Hours of Operation? 

Tope Storage is accessible each day from 8a until 8pm utilizing our automated gate access and your personalized security code.

How Do I Pay For My Storage Unit Rental, and What Are the Accepted Payment Methods?

 Let's make it easy for you to rent - automatic payment processing takes place on the 1st of each month - we're happy to run your credit or debit card to make life easy and carefree - VISA and MASTERCARD accepted.

Do You Offer Insurance Options for Stored Belongings, or Should I Arrange My Own Coverage?

 Insurance is a personal decision, we can recommend renters insurance and direct you to a trusted provider to contact - we make insurance available, but we do not sell insurance.

Can I Rent a Storage Unit on a Month-to-Month Basis, or Are There Long-term Contracts?

 Lucky you - there are no long term agreements required - there is a minimum of a 3-month rental, we can also prorate months at your initial date.

Can I Reserve a Storage Unit in Advance, and if so, For How Long?

You can reserve and arrange for a unit in advance, up to 7-days, by accessing our information on - we then can confirm unit availability.

Is the Facility Plowed During the Winter Months?

SNOW is a thing and we can extra special care and consideration to ensure that you have access to your storage unit year around. We have our own snow removal equipment and in most cases the snow is removed within the first 24-hours of a snow fall.

What Do I Do if My Lock is Frozen and I Cannot Access My Unit? 

It's Alaska and it happens - locks will freeze. During the chilly winter months please bring something with you when accessing your unit in case your lock is frozen shut. We have seen folks utilize a zip bag to cover their lock to ensure that water/snow/rain does not help freeze the lock.